Well it’s been quite a day. Although the website launched on Monday, today was the first day that the project received any attention in the print media. Thanks to both the EDP (25/03/2014 p.28) and the Evening News (25/03/2014 p.18) the profile of the project amongst the people of Norfolk will have hopefully increased a little bit more.

That’s meant that today I have been monitoring and using twitter quite a lot (a re-tweet by Stephen Fry still eludes me!) and making sure that I responded to any initial emails as promptly as possible. It’s incredibly gratifying to find that people are interested in the project and I’m hopeful that people won’t take too much convincing that I do genuinely believe that their stories are important, worth listening to and worth sharing with the population of Norfolk, both young and old.

You can’t possibly begin to assess the impact of television without considering what the audience thought of it and I like to think that oral history interviews capture the personal aspects of that impact in a way that no other method can manage.

I’ve been fortunate enough to gain some momentum, hopefully I can now maintain and build upon it. One thing is for sure, there are many, many stories to tell!

Do you have memories of television in Norfolk during the 1950s and 60s or do you know someone who does? If so then click here and find out how the people of Norfolk can help this research project!

[Copies of the articles will appear in the Media Coverage section of this website over the next couple of days, in the meantime I can only express how grateful I am to Archant for the positive response they gave me when I approached them asking for some coverage.]